Now Seeking Companies to Participate in TPI Pilot

We’re looking for small- to medium-sized manufacturing companies to participate in a pilot program for the Transformational Productivity Initiative!

As part of the pilot, the Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership will work with several selected manufacturers to go through the productivity assessment process to identify the factors that affect and limit productivity growth, and based on the assessment, provide recommendations for improvement.

TPI is designed to improve productivity performance in small and midsize manufacturers throughout the state. Achieving transformational productivity, defined by this initiative as productivity gains of 40% or greater, requires a strategic comprehensive approach. Achieving transformational productivity gains will require manufacturers to scrutinize all inputs directly or indirectly related to production for potential gains and engage all stakeholders including; customers, employees and suppliers in the process.

TPI has zeroed in on five elements required to achieve best in class productivity gains. Each of these elements individually and collectively contribute to productivity gains. Elements include:

  1. Leadership & Strategy – Highly productive organizations have a strategic plan. The plan is effectively communicated. Departments and individual goals are linked and aligned to the strategy. They measure and track performance. People are recognized and held accountable for results.
  2. Business Process and Operations Excellence – Highly productive organizations have an effective process in place to continually optimize the order to cash cycle. Employees and processes are organized and viewed as a serious of interrelated steps, each contributing to the success or failure of the next process. They eliminate subsystems and work arounds. Their business and production systems are fully integrated. They fully leverage technology and automation.
  3. Human Capital Management – Highly productive organizations attract, hire, develop and retain talent. They understand unwanted turnover is expensive, a drain on productivity, and in some cases severely limits growth. They view employees as an asset not a liability.
  4. Information Systems and Technology – Highly productive organizations invest in and maintain their information technology infrastructure. They seek to integrate business systems. They gain business intelligence and insight from transactional data. Systems, information and people are connected in real time.
  5. Growth & Innovation – Highly productive organizations know their value proposition, their markets, and competitors. They actively manage brand and customer relationships. They systematically evaluate opportunities for growth, new product development, and diversification.

If your company is interested in participating in the TPI pilot,

>> please submit your contact information here.

In addition to providing your contact information, you will also be asked to rank the five productivity factors listed above in order of importance to your company.

Thank you for your interest in TPI – we look forward to hearing from you!

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