Statewide initiative aims to boost productivity of Wisconsin manufacturers – In a move aimed at helping to ensure the long-term success of Wisconsin manufacturers, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), the Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership (WMEP) and the Milwaukee 7 (M7) today announced a new joint initiative aimed at increasing productivity in plants throughout the state.

Called the Transformational Productivity Initiative (TPI), the public-private partnership is designed to improve productivity performance in Wisconsin’s small and midsize manufacturers. WMEP will identify the factors that affect and limit productivity growth, and then work with individual companies to develop ways to increase productivity.

“One of the major challenges facing Wisconsin and the U.S. is developing ways to increase the productivity growth rate, and this is a unique approach in meeting that challenge,” said Mark R. Hogan, secretary and CEO of WEDC, the state’s lead economic development organization. “Experts agree there is a direct correlation between productivity and economic growth, and working with companies to boost productivity will pay dividends for the state in the long run.”

“Helping manufacturers be more productive and grow is the core mission of the Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership,” said Tim Wiora, WMEP’s executive director and CEO.


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