Increasing the productivity of Wisconsin manufacturers

The goal of the Transformational Productivity Initiative is to increase productivity at the company level, and to bring these improvements to scale where the aggregate gains drive economic expansion in the state of Wisconsin.

This is a call to action for Wisconsin and the state’s manufacturers. Productivity is the engine of economic growth and prosperity, but has lagged in Wisconsin and across the U.S. over the last decade. TPI is a public-private partnership assembled to provide leadership for Wisconsin’s manufacturers on the challenges they face in achieving productivity growth.

TPI is designed to:

  • Assist manufacturers in benchmarking their performance against others in their NAICS code
  • Identify and quantify performance gaps
  • Provide a roadmap, guidance and resources required to close the gap
  • Assist best-in-class firms in expanding the frontier through technology, operational and business innovation that will define the best practices of tomorrow

Contact Randy Bertram at WMEP today for information on participating in the Transformational Productivity Initiative.